2022-2023 Accounts - Discretionary income

Following on from response FOI 1001821- Car parking income and FOI 994789 where details of respective "notional" Actual Non Funded depreciation income was reported to me, I note that in Appendix B to the 2022-2023 outurn monitoring report to Cabinet 3 July 2023, details of discretionary income by service is provided totalling £12,155,000. I should be grateful, if, for each service as reported;I could be provided with - A. The amounts of notional depreciation expenditure incurred or allocated to each service, and B. The amounts of notional depreciation income included in the service income totals C. Could it please be confirmed that the actual discretionary income recorded in respect of each service, was in fact generated from fees and charges paid by users/customers for the use of those services, including the notional depreciation cost?

FOI Reference : 1093417
Received Date: 03/01/2024