Delays in Access to Social Care for Older People in Wales

1) For the financial year 2022-23: a) For all adult individuals aged 55 or over* who had an initial request for a first-time care assessment, could you please inform me how long each individual waited from the initial request being made to the assessment taking place. b) Of those individuals aged 55 or over* assessed as requiring a care and support package what was the length of time it took from the assessment taking place to the stipulated care package being put into place for that individual? *if this is not available, those aged 65 years and older. 2) Please provide any narrative you are able to of strengths and issues you have identified in the assessment process. 3) In addition, I kindly request to be put in contact with a representative from social care with whom I can meet to discuss this information further. 

FOI Reference : 1174483
Received Date: 29/01/2024