School Dinners

This freedom of information requests relates to the free school meal provision for primary school pupils in Pembrokeshire. 1. Please provide a list of all ingredients used in Pembrokeshire primary school meals. Please include the specific ingredients - for example, include the specific ingredients in products like potato waffles, sausages, bread etc. 2. Please indicate which products / elements of the meals are made on-site in the school kitchen and which are made in factories and 'ready to cook' / 'ready to heat' in the school kitchen. 3. Please provide this detail in an excel spreadsheet in 3 nested levels: Level 1 = cowboy brunch meal. Level 2 = list all the key elements of that meal such as 'potato smiles', 'sausages', 'baked beans' etc. for each item state whether is is cooked from scratch in the school kitchen or delivered ready to cook / heat. Level 3 = ingredients of each element listed in level 2. Eg all the ingredients in 'baked beans'. 4. Please provide the name and contact details for the supplier(s) of primary school meals in Pembrokeshire and which schools they supply.

FOI Reference : 1191878
Received Date: 01/02/2024