I would like to request an update on the fleet details for all vehicles please. This should include anything that is outright purchased, leased, and any salary sacrifice provision. Please could this include the following: * Tender portal used (CCS, TTPL ect). * Date of next Fleet tender/review. * Number of Employees. * Number of eligible Employees for Salary Sacrifice. * Salary Sacrifice set up (Yes/No). * Salary Sacrifice Supplier. * Salary Sacrifice supplier next tender/review date. * The total number of cars on fleet. * The total number of commercial on fleet. * The change cycle for the cars & commercial vehicles. * The purchase method for the cars & commercial vehicles (outright, leased, salary sacrifice). * The number of car purchases/changes due in 2024. * Fleet Manager Name, Email address & Contact Number. * HR Manager Name, Email address & Contact Number.

FOI Reference : 1227833
Received Date: 09/02/2024