Parenting Skills Support

1. Please put 'yes' in the table below if the local authority offers any of the programmes listed. Many of these programmes have numerous different sub-programmes, please put 'yes' if the authority uses any of these.  2. Does the local authority provide any e-learning style parenting skills programmes? 3. If the local authority does provide any e-learning style parenting skills programmes, what are they called? 4. How much did the local authority spend on e-learning style parenting courses - including commissioning and licensing costs - in the last fiscal year for which finances are available? a. Not including courses delivered by Zoom/Microsoft Teams or staffing costs. 5. If an external body delivers parenting skills training on behalf of the local authority, what is their spend on e-learning style parenting courses? 6. How many parents accessed e-learning parenting skills courses and online parenting skills programmes in the last year for which data is available? a. Not including those supported via Zoom or Teams. Even if parents didn't complete courses, please do include their initial uptake as attendance. 7. Does the local authority collect any feedback on the e-learning style courses delivered?

FOI Reference : 1234997
Received Date: 13/02/2024