Payroll HR and Finance Solutions

1. What software do you use for your payroll, hr and finance solutions, how much annually do you spend on each, when does each contract expire? 2. Do you manage your payroll in-house or do you outsource it if so, who do you outsource it to? 3. How many people do you pay each month using your payroll solution? 4. How many pensioners do you pay using your payroll solution? 5. Do you use Microsoft power platform technologies such as Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents? 6. What is the employee count at the council? 7. Do you collaborate with other organisations in the delivery of HR & Payroll shared services? If so which organisation? 8. Do you work with any industry experts such as ATOS, KPMG, EY, Accenture etc? 9. Who at the council is the head of service for HR and Payroll software or services and what is their role?

FOI Reference : 1294553
Received Date: 05/03/2024