Homes for Ukraine

1/Please can you provide a figure for the number of times your local authority has received a government alert of a serious safeguarding issue regarding a Homes for Ukraine sponsor/ host since March 2022 to present. 2/Please can you detail whether the Home Office shared the details of the reason for their alert in each case, and if so, what they were. 3/Please can you detail what action was taken following each alert. E.g Ukrainian moved out of sponsor home. Ukrainian stayed at sponsor home. If this is too hard to collate, or would take too much time, please only provide data for the number of alerts from government (point 1). Clarification Examples of serious safeguarding concerns include: Sponsor had child protection concern. Sponsor has links to organised crime. Sponsor has criminal convicton. Sponsor was sending inappropriate sexual messages to Ukrainian refugees. You can also provide the number of adverse hits your council has received, but these also cover less serious safeguarding issues like problems with accommodation.

FOI Reference : 1308845
Received Date: 08/03/2024