Sisha Cafe

Q1. Please provide the estimated number or range of shisha cafes known as of January 2024. Please reply "unknown" if this information is not held. Q2. a) Please state the number of prosecutions made for violations of the smoke-free law in 2023. b) How many of these violations were by shisha cafes? Q3. a) Please state how many inspections were made to shisha cafes by Trading Standards, Environmental Health, or other officers in 2023. b) Of these inspections, how many shisha cafes required intervention due to lack of compliance with policies (including tobacco, health and safety, and licensing laws). c) Of these inspections, approximately how many kilograms of illicit shisha tobacco were seized in total? d) Of these inspections, how many led to successful prosecutions and what was the total amount ordered to pay from the shisha cafe business? Q4. Please state the number of reports of underage smoking at shisha cafes in 2023. Q5. Please state the number of complaints made for noise and nuisance against shisha cafes in 2023.

FOI Reference : 1328005
Received Date: 13/03/2024