Our FOI request relates to instances of puddles and standing water on roads / highways caused by blocked drains that may have led to splashes as vehicles drive past. 1. Please fill in the below table regarding blocked drains on road/highways. In this instance drains are: Highway drainage systems designed to manage the rainwater that lands on the road/highway, both to prevent flooding and to protect the road surface. They can include a wide variety of features including but not limited to roadside surface water drains and channels/gullies, shallow channels that convey water off the road into a drainage ditch (known as 'grips' or 'letts') and storm drains. For years 2023,2022,2021 How many blocked road drains (as defined above) were reported to you in the following years?  How many road drains (as defined above) did you unblock (either after a report or as part of ongoing maintenance) in the following years? Total cost spent on unblocking road drains (as defined above) in each of the following years? How many road drains (as defined above) do you maintain?

FOI Reference : 1338401
Received Date: 15/03/2024