Dog Breeding Licence Information For 2023

1. Number of Licensed Breeders: The total number of licensed breeders within your authority as of the end of 2023. 2. Licence Applications and Approvals for 2023: - The number of new licence applications received in 2023. - The number of new licences approved in 2023. - The number of licence renewal applications received in 2023. - The number of licence renewals approved in 2023. 3. Inspections: - The total number of inspections undertaken in 2023. 4. Licence Revocations: - Details of any licences that were revoked during 2023, including the reasons for revocation. 5. Complaints: - The number of complaints received in 2023 related to licensed breeders. - The nature of these complaints and any subsequent actions taken. 6. Litters Recorded: - The total number of litters and puppies in each litter recorded by each licence holder in 2023.

FOI Reference : 1341665
Received Date: 18/03/2024