Maintenance On Man Holes

I am writing to submit a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for access to information regarding the maintenance of manhole covers and access covers within Milford haven. 1. Records of all maintenance activities conducted on manhole covers/access covers within the last 24 months up to and including todays date of 02/04/2024 for the streets listed below; * Nantucket avenue * St Davids road * Precelly place * Trafalgar road 2. Inspection reports, including but not limited to, assessments of manhole cover/access cover condition, repairs, replacements, and any associated documentation including dates of last inspection. 3. Correspondence, emails, or memos related to complaints, concerns, or incidents regarding manhole covers/access covers and their maintenance. 4. Any policies, guidelines, or protocols established by Pembrokeshire county council governing the maintenance and upkeep of manhole covers and access covers.

FOI Reference : 1379397
Received Date: 02/04/2024