Pothole Claims & Repairs

For the last calendar year (January 2023 - Dec 2023) or last full year for which you have recorded figures, please would you disclose: 1a. the percentage of compensation claims, brought by drivers for vehicle damage from potholes in your Local Road Network, which were not paid out by your council. i.e. the total number of claims submitted to your council for pothole-related vehicle damage, versus the total number of claims paid out by your council. 1b. your council's criteria for compensating, or not compensating, a driver who brings such a claim. For reference, please find an example of the information I am requesting, here: https://www.sunderland.gov.uk/media/31141/HighwayClaimsData/pdf/Highway_Claims_Data.pdf?m = 1699722169190 2. The percentage of potholes - identified by or reported to your council by any individual, public or council member - which were subsequently fixed, across your local road network.

FOI Reference : 1427405
Received Date: 17/04/2024